Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Whole Year of Love

Today is the anniversary of the day we started dating! 

(Big "aaaaaaawwwwwwwwww!", everybody!)

Since we knew this would be a busy week, we celebrated on Saturday. Still, I wanted to mark the day with something special. The outcome -- mixed.

I texted Neesh when she was about to get out of her morning class, asking her to meet me at the Starbucks on Broadway. My plan was to be there with roses when she rolled up. 

As I parked to get the roses, she texted back asking where I was. I was like, okay, abort plan, and hauled it over to Starbucks -- no Neesh anywhere. 

Ah. She went to the wrong one. So I still had time to get the roses! Hurried over to Wal-Mart. Found roses right up front. Found a self check-out line with just one guy ahead of me. Golden, right?

This guy was attempting to purchase a single lemon. All indications were that he'd been there for some time, picking the lemon up, putting it back down on the scanner, repeating. Once every five cycles or so, he'd swipe the lemon back and forth over the laser, throw his arms out to the side like, WTF!, and go back to placing the lemon on the scanner and removing it.

I watched the man do this for about ten minutes. I suspect he's still there. Meanwhile, I found another line and stood in it, rose water dripping down my wrist and soaking my watchband, which now smells like a delightful combo of roses and sweaty navel. 

By the time I got back to Starbucks, Neesha was waiting. So that didn't turn out exactly like I'd hoped. 

Neither did Changeling. Don't take your date to that, folks. 

In conclusion, I love Neesha!

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