Thursday, November 20, 2008

Huevos Rancheros Without the Rancheros, I Think...?

The alarm went off at 5:00am and even though I technically don't have anything I must do today, I thought it might be nice to get up and start my day alongside Fi, who had dozens of papers to read and grade. It was still dark when I fumbled my way into the kitchen, daylight savings does that, I suppose. However, we bought these fabulous Christmas tree (Evergreen, really) scented tea lights last night on our Birthday Trip to Wal-Mart which I lit up and enjoyed smelling all morning. Our house looks really cozy in candelit glow with the fire on. It's one of my favorite things about it-whether it's late or super early, the candles certainly add a warm feeling to the house with their golden glow spotlight dancing on various objects and colors in our house. I love it!

Once up, I headed to the kitchen for some coffee. Fi and I have a habit of making a pot either midafternoon or later evening, then hitting the automatic startup button so it heats it up again in the morning (at around 5am). Perfect, right? I have a feeling there's something kind of gross about it, but it's worked so far so we can't complain. And this way, I don't have to fumble around in my morning haze whilst trying to figure out the whole coffee-making process. There have been times when I tried to make coffee in the morning and found myself trying to put the coffee filter filled with coffee into the freezer instead of the coffee container. I'm just glad I caught myself all those times or it would have made for complete confusion. More than that, what a mess it would've been if I'd started the coffee maker with the plastic coffee tin in it instead of the filter. 

After pouring some coffee, I ran the dishwasher (something that required little enough thought for me to do without making a total mess while the caffeine from my coffee found its way into my veins) and remembered Fi's disappointment at not being able to find Huevos Rancheros on the menu last night at El Jimador. While I've never made this particular recipe before and don't dig on spicy foods in the morning myself, far be it from me to deprive my Fi. So I hit up the 'puter and found what read like a tasty recipe, which I tweaked, as usual. If it had turned out poorly, I wouldn't put the recipe in, but just incase you feel up to some Huevos Rancheros, here's what I did...

Huevos Rancheros
2 eggs
one whole wheat tortilla
half a cup of black beans
1/2 a link of chorizo 
diced red onion
diced green pepper

1. Use two frying pans to make life easier. Dice up some pepper and onions to your desired amount (Fi digs peppers as long as they're not super squooshy and overcooked so I usually add them close to the end of the cooking process). Spray cooking pan with olive oil (I like the spray stuff so everything isn't soaked!) Toss the chorizo with the peppers and onions into the pan to cook through. Medium heat should do it.

2. While sausage and peppers, onions are cooking, heat another pan large enough for a tortilla (I use whole wheat ones) and cook on medium-hight each side for about a minute or until slightly browned.

3. When sausage mixture is cooked, place it on a paper towel over a plate to drain out the excess oil...etc. Add two eggs into the pan the sausage was in and cook to, again, your liking (I like em over-medium-runny but no placenta. I do not want to be reminded of the previous life that used to be cooking within the eggshells I've just broken-pun intended with the use of "cooking").

4. When the tortilla is done, take it off and place it on a plate, toss half a cup of black beans in the pan to heat up.

5. Top the tortilla with the chorizo, onions and peppers. When the beans are warmed up, pour them on top of the chorizo. When the eggs are done to your preference, slide those suckers on top of the beans and sausage, then scoop on a few dollops of salsa (Fi loves salsa, though I'm not as big a fan). I sprinkled some nonfat cheddar cheese on there at his request and a few dashes of Tabasco's Chipotle Pepper Sauce and Fi LOVED it! 

It was an experiment, but seemed to go over pretty well and, all things considered, it's not a bad-for-you meal, really. Tons of protein and veggies and fiber. Sweet! What a great way to start the day! I wish I liked spicy that early in the morning. More power to your edibles, Fi. He is the greatest person to cook for...willing to try stuff, doesn't hate so many foods it's impossible to feed him...just wonderful! Thanks, Fi!                                                                                                      
Here's Fi enjoying his satisfyingly complete breakfast soon after declaring he definitely wouldn't need to take lunch to school with him since he is convinced this will keep him energetic and full all day. Let's hope so...cus I have no plans for a trip to school today and would hate to have him feeling hungry later in the day!

Also, note in the background his tasty oatmeal and students' papers all ready for grading. What a fulfilling breakfast! Lots of energy with a side of intelligence! When he finished his breakfast, he graded like a speed demon. He turned all "Meep-meep" Road Runner on that shit! I suppose there's something to starting the day with breakfast, after all! Now if only I could jump on that bandwagon.

Certainly more to come later. Before signing off, though, just wanted to share a loving moment between me and the fur-babies last night while Fi blogged and I rested.

Bogey, Me and Byz lounging at Fi's feet beside the couch in front of the fire. The best son and daughter in the world!


P.S.-An ongoing discussion: should we get a small LIVE tree for the house this year??? We have a fake one in the study window with lights and generic ornaments, but we want to put one in the living room for the real festivity of the Christmas season with our manger beneath it and our more sentimental ornaments on it. We love the scent and won't be here for the whole holiday, but think it might be nice to have a live one to come home to! What do you think? Real or fake Christmas trees?


  1. Tall planted bush-that-looks-like-christmas tree. Keep it alive and pumped with water, so that when it's time to head off for the holidays your pet sitter can water the potted plant...and then when the weather is nice in the spring you can pot the plant!

    OTHERWISE, a living tree--at it's nearly-full size, even--will be too much and a cut tree--well, both of them will shed needles. And by the time you get back from holidays, the needles will create a new little nasty needle-carpet all over your floor!!!

  2. That picture of you and the dogs is the cutest ever! Ninja has the habit of snuggling her paws under my hands or head now at night. I'm not sure if she's doing it because she's cold or being affectionate. Animals are great.