Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Update (Recap)

Anyone see the McCain/Palin (Fey) skit on SNL last night? We were out and about last night volunteering for Stripes-Mizzou's free drunk driving service so we didn't get to watch it until this morning. I didn't think it was so funny, really. Now when Tina Fey played Sarah Palin without the real candidates appearing beside her-that was hilarious! Does anyone else feel like Fey is better on her own?

A week ago, I mentioned that Fi started to volunteer for Stripes. This is a free service Mizzou offers to students where they can call anytime from 10pm-3am Thursday through Saturday and ask for a ride home. As long as they are within the boundaries of Columbia, Stripes will happily go pick their drunk asses up and deposit them at their homes (note: not another bar or happening party, but home). This week, I volunteered with Fi and it worked out nicely. Since I hate to drive, but Fi likes it-I was his "passenger." In other words, I called back to 'home base,' so to speak, to keep them updated on the status of our drunkies (when they got in the car, if they didn't get in the car, when we dropped them off...etc.). I also got to read them their "Stripes Rights" which lists off a bunch of common sense stuff and asks them to agree (which they, of course, always do) and by the end of the night we had ridden all over Columbia and saved some students from attempting to drive home drunkenly or sleep on the floor of a stranger's/friend's house. It was incredibly fulfilling and awesome to know that we were helping students out and making sure they got home safely. I wish my college had offered something in the way of Stripes when I was a student!

Fi, Me, Our Stripes Vehicle

We didn't get home until ridiculously late and they fed us pizza and soda (I had a slice of pizza, no soda, just water), which was nice but bad for the health kick I'm attempting to leap into, but I've never heard people more grateful for a ride than last night. Thanks, Stripes!

In other news, we were the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. I loved these costumes. In the past, my roommates from college and I always had a theme-our freshman year we were the Pink Ladies, sophomore year we were a basketball team, junior year-cowgirls, senior year-the Delta Delta Delta sorority (we were being funny-like the old SNL skit: Delta Delta Delta, Can I help ya, help ya, help ya?). Then after college I usually handed out candy on the stoop of my parents house in NY and never ever saw more trick-or-treaters than they received. Literally, they went through about eight bags of candy a year at that place. Their neighbor Matt and his wife Beth would sit on their stoop and I'd sit on mine next to them and we'd have a night of it-having a few beers and handing out candy, talking to the kids about their costumes and shoo-ing away those who came back for seconds. It was literally a Halloween extravaganza the likes of which I'd never seen before. The two Halloweens in a row I had friends to go out with and we were Soccer super-fans one year and the cast of Clue the second year (I was Ms. Scarlet and we carried around props-I had a candlestick-and even played a live version of the game "Clue" at the party we went to-people loved loved loved it! Who knew???).

Last year I was a blue fairy, complete with the coolest wings I'd ever seen and the worst health habits anyone has ever seen-especially on a fairy!
(See below for proof)

And my costume glowed in black-lights. Which I, of course, thought was awesome.

I suppose I haven't mentioned yet that last year I both ran and smoked and drank...a lot. The weird part is, I was in much better physical shape somehow. I'm not sure why or how. The first run I ever competed in, I won third place in my age division and was pretty proud that I'd run a 5k in 25 minutes when I'd never run before, really, in my life (except for team sports: soccer, field hockey, softball). Fi got me into running and my mom made a deal with me: quit smoking before the wedding. Most of the time that's not too difficult to do, once in a while I have caved. But, my conviction gets stronger every time I stop.

However, this is a blog about Halloween. This year, we had more friends and less time. Unfortunately, we ended up at maybe the most overcrowded and overpriced bar in Columbia, but with Fi's best friend, so it was worth it. I won't go into details, but will post some pics for you to get a feel of what our Friday night was like.

      Red and Big Bad
          The Halloween Crew
                CEC Halloween

Ugh! Now I am going to plan our food for the week, hit up the grocery store, then pilates later (for those of you who don't take pilates-you are SERIOUSLY missing out. It's amazing!), maybe have a run and make a midterm exam for my lit. class. Busy day, but maybe I can get Fi to write a more thorough and/or exciting weekend update later.


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