Saturday, November 1, 2008

Medals 4 Mettles

I had every intention of writing a blog dedicated to Halloween (which I'll get to later in the day or tomorrow), but REALLY want to write a blog about Medals4Mettle instead. 

I learned about Medals4Mettle when Fi and I were flying home to Columbia after a trip to the east coast to visit family over the summer. There was a very small article in one of the airline magazines (I forget what airline we were flying, but I think it might have been US Air) that discussed M4M. It peeked my interest and tugged at my heart strings. M4M is a nonprofit organization that accepts donated medals from half marathon, full marathon or triathalon participants. The medals are then taken and revamped slightly before being awarded to a patient that is unable to physically run a marathon, but is continuing a daily marathon to live life. Their own marathon against death, really.

The organization takes monetary donations, but Fi and I are students and only earn a stipend so we aren't able to afford donating. Instead, we decided we'd take the medals from the half marathon (my first half marathon ever) we ran in St. Louis this past April and send them to M4M to help encourage a sick patient to continue winning their own marathon. I would have thought the medal was more meaningful for me since I ran the marathon, but the symbolism the medals have for the patients is far more encouraging and meaningful than what the medal has for me. I know I accomplished the half marathon. We have pictures and tee-shirts and memories. I was able to get up and go out there and run it because I was healthy enough to do so. Now I want my accomplishment to work even harder. I want it to be able to lift up spirits of someone who is constantly winning a battle and accomplishing another day of life. Nothing could be more satisfying that knowing my medal is working even harder after the marathon and my running it has ended.

So I encourage you all to donate your half-marathon, full marathon or tri-athalon medals to Medals4Mettle (Mettle, by the way, means "courage.") and help glorify the accomplishments of those around us who are running their own marathons daily.

The website with more information is: 

                                           After the half marathon in April!


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