Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun Runs and Open Mics

What a day! I conferenced with my students and then went and ran three miles alternating 40-50 crunches between each mile. When I finished, I felt completely alive and excited and completely famished! So I stopped off at the grocery store on my way home for some veggies. I have to admit, stopping at the grocery store when I'm hungry is the worst possible thing to do. I bought thousands of veggies: acorn squash (my friend Lexi made this phenomenal acorn squash one night and I'm dying to repeat it or discover an equally tasty acorn squash dish-got one???), more maters (they're a staple in our house. I'm crazy for them!), avocados, broccoli, green peppers (did you know that red peppers lower your risk of cancer-females, that is), cauliflower and, of course, red berry cereal for the Fi. Oh, and CHEESE. I got some cheese. Havarti, to be precise, with the intention of making a salad with some havarti cubes. Instead, I had some havarti on melba toast and a hard boiled egg while waiting for Fi to come home.

Also, I made some incredibly tasty dinner: roasted lemon-pepper, creole catfish nuggets, mashed cauliflower and lemony broccoli which we both loved!

The catfish was marinate and spectacularly spicy. The mashed cauliflower was strikingly similar to mashed potatoes, without the carbohydrates...etc. And equally as tasty! And the broccoli-well, I'm obsessed with it,'s always good to me.

I downed about three glasses of skim milk with dinner because I forgot to drink a ton of water after my workout (I forgot to mention, I also did some weight training after the run/crunches). It was a very satisfying dinner, I must say.

Then Fi and I went to the Cherry Street Artisan to hear his students' read at Open Mic Night-the undergrad version. Fi got to announce them, which was awesome, and we couldn't have been prouder of the turn out. Most of his class was there to support their fellow classmates, even though only two of them read. Sweet, right? It gives me such a warm feeling to see how encouraging peers can be to one another-especially given the fact that many of our own aren't as open and kind.
Fi at the Artisan

Me with my Latte at the Reading

Dan-Fi's first student reader of the night

Fi's second reader of the night!

They were brave and spectacular!

Next weekend, Liz, Fi and I (and maybe others???) are running this super fun four-mile run. We get to put a silly costume on (the scarier the better) and run a guerilla-like run through the woods...etc...for four-miles. I'm super-excited, as we all are, and below is the poster for the race.
Scary, eh?

My newest running goal: The Inaugural Disney's Princess Half Marathon on March 8th! It's sponsored by Lady Footlocker and provides me with more than enough time to get ready! (More ready than I was for my first half marathon, I might add, when I barely trained and don't know how I made it without dying.) Wouldn't it be fun to run it together, other bloggers??? Let's do it!

Check it out here:


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