Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still Giving Thanks

I am in love with my dresses! I know this sounds weird, but it's finally come to the point where I have chosen three dresses I adore (two are quite similar) and am waiting to find out what the bridal salon can and can't get in for me. As I mentioned, I'm stressed about this wedding gown issue! Six months to get it in and a week to find it (my own fault for living in the middle of nowhere!). However, I had a major breakdown yesterday. When we got home last night, my mom told me she thinks I'm "overweight" and I thought I'd either cry my face off or starve myself for the next six months, but earlier the women at the bridal salons and other customers made me feel amazing about my appearance (unsolicitedly and without knowing that in less than a few hours time, their compliments were going to come in handy since my mom's comment burst my momentary "feel good about my appearance" mood) me I looked fab in every single dress I put on that it must be impossible for me to pick one and another mother of a bride said I had a "perfect model's body!" I know that's not accurate, but at the point I was at yesterday, I needed to hear something that superficial about myself :) I must mention and say thank you to other near-strangers that have helped me earn back a little of my self-esteem after the thoughtless Mom-comment. In her defense, I don't think she can help it. She and my sister are tiny. I mean, zero or less than that, so to them, I'm huge: tall and heavy...etc. It was a bitch growing up with them and their tininess! So, needless to say, I was in a very bad mood when I went to bed last night. Thank you, Fi, for the wonderful words of encouragement in your blog and on the phone. I miss you tremendously and am VERY excited to see you tomorrow! Wooohooooooooooo!

On to the Great Gown Search Part Two!

My lovely sisters, darling niece and Mom accompanied me on an outing to Savannah. The first bridal store we went to was called BleuBelle Bridal and it had the most incredible sales women. We climbed up a few stories in a historic old Savannah building, all wood floors and taller-than-the-sky ceilings. The gallery was stunning and so were the gowns! I tried on a bunch of absolutely gorgeous ones and left the store thinking I had found what I wanted. While we perused dress racks, I got to wander the store in a luxe white robe, white heels with a glass of champagne. Does it get any better than that? Plus, the color of much of their store (blue) was the exact shade of blue Fi and I have picked as one of our wedding colors. We dig the blue and brown combo: elegant, a touch conservative, but fun and classy, too. We love the sophisticated combo of the two colors and blue has been my favorite color forever, so it seemed rather appropriate that the store I thought I found my dress in used the color as it's motif!

When we finished at BleuBelle Bridal, we headed down to another store and tried more dresses. This place, however, was crammed with dresses. We struggled just to separate them from one another on the racks! It was like being at a department sale that's liquidating and trying to get rid of everything at once: a nightmare. We tried some stuff, but no one helped, no questions went answered, and we left feeling hungry and disappointed. Major credit goes out to my adorable three and a half-year old niece who was such a trooper. She never complained and even tried on a few flower girl dresses for us. It was awesome and she is truly the best kid I know.

Then we ate and I grew exhausted and overwhelmed. Everything started meshing together in my mind. I didn't like the dresses in the photos my mom and sisters took of me with them on as much as I thought I did. Dresses I thought I didn't like as much, I liked more all of a sudden and I was just a mess of confusion. Then Mom dropped the overweight comment and I thought Fi and I should seriously consider eloping. Luckily, he calmed me down and all kinds of rationale flooded back to me as I curled up on the couch to sleep. (Don't ask why I had to sleep on the couch when there are five fully furnished bedrooms in the's just too ridiculous to get into!) When I woke this morning, I felt better about the whole situation.

The sisters and I went to a place called "All About Me" for my hair-trial and make-up appointment (keep in mind, I have to do this stuff any chance I get when I'm in town since it's rare and I don't know when I'll be back to the island from one month to the next and time's not getting any slower!). We all had mani-pedis together, which was relaxing, and sipped on mimosas. Again, another much-needed day of destressing.

The woman who did my hair was wonderfully happy to make any alterations and work with me on any and everything I wanted done and the woman who did my make-up used to do the make-up for runway models in New York. She was amazing. My sisters, Mom, brothers and dad all thought the make-up looked incredibly soft, natural and enhancing. (My family has a knack for honesty!) She did a wonderful job of listening to what I did and didn't like and understanding that I'm an idiot when it comes to make-up but that I did not want to look like a clown or someone that didn't resemble me.

When the day ended, I pulled up photos of the dresses I liked most, widdled down the list and have finally decided on three definites. As in-I would be happy with any of these three because they are all stunning and beautiful...I think, anyhow.

I got in touch with the bridal store and they are getting me more info on the dresses and then we'll be all set! Plus, they're having a twenty-percent off all their dresses sale, which technically ended yesterday, but that they've extended to me for as long as it takes for me to decide (which has to be now).

Ok-rambling. Anyhow, my sister-in-law Seale and I went to the Tanger outlets to try and get some Christmas shopping done and were incredibly successful. I'm nearly finished with everyone on my side of the family-and done with Fi for his birthday (December 18th!) and Christmas! I'm so happy about how productive it went and the stores weren't even crowded. It was truly the best shopping experience I've ever had so soon after Thanksgiving.

It's been a great week with the family and I am going to miss them like crazy when I leave, but I have to admit, I currently miss Dustin like crazy. It's ridiculous! It'll be wonderful to be home to see him and finish up the semester.

Today, since I missed yesterday, I'm thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life daily and that every day of my life is filled with happiness and love. And, of course, I'm thankful to all of you for reading-even when these blogs are mundane or less-than-exciting. You're all quite wonderful, if you don't mind me saying!

I leave you all with a photo montage of my family as it is tonight and some from Thanksgiving since I didn't share it with you earlier. Happy Thanksgiving, still! :)

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  1. From what I can tell - and my experience is limited only to friends - you wouldn't be planning a wedding properly if you didn't think about eloping somewhere along the way. So good job! You're right on track for a fabulous gala.

    I'm intrigued by your wine allergy. Specifically, are you allergic to grapes? I don't think I could live a life without grapes.

    Yes, our apt is loaded with natural light and is therefore fantastic. I'm starting to see why very few people have window treatments. Although it's odd to see into everyone's apartment. On the other hand... we get good design ideas