Wednesday, November 26, 2008

wedding tuxes, anyone?

Today I looked at tuxes online while fi was out trying various wedding dresses in Charlotte. I know. I get off easy, right? Right.

It wasn't the first time I'd looked for tuxes online. The one that always grabs my attention is this one, from Calvine Klein.

The first time I saw it was in Hilton Head, in Lew's International Menswear, which featured it in brown in a display. I liked it OK then.

Since then, though, I've decided to go with black. It's just more timeless, I feel. What I don't want is for Neesh and I to be going through our wedding album 20 years from now like, "Whoa. What were we doing with those brown tuxes?" I'm sure at some point the powder blue or bright orange tuxes sounded like good ideas, too, but now they're jokes. I think it's hard to joke about a black tuxedo. And THIS shows how nice a brown vest and tie go with it. That was my main concern, after all -- working one of our wedding colors into the ensemble.

So I'm not totally sold on this one, but I do like it. I think it's classy. I like the length and the cut. I like the two button. Looks timeless. Will keep looking though. Suggestions welcome. More from Neesh and Co. in Charlotte coming up.

Tonight I'm thankful for honesty from friends, after a terrific night out with some longtime chums with whom I can talk about anything -- even politics -- and know that I'll get an honest answer even if it's one I don't agree with, and we'll still be as good of friends ... maybe better.

Honesty ... something to be thankful for. Now, your opinions of my tux pick so far ....

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  1. I really like the vest & tie look for you, Dustin! It would work so damn well!!!