Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Dress, Anyone?

Monday  Night: Mom and I went wedding gown shopping today! Wow!!! Sooooooo much fun!  I was so afraid I wouldn't find a single dress that I loved. When we got to the first bridal store, I picked out a ton of dresses I thought I'd be in love with...some were ones we specifically asked them to get from different designers whose lines I liked, others were just attractive on the displays, some were ones I was perfectly certain I'd want. What I quickly learned was 1-I wasn't in love with most of the dresses I thought I'd be in love with 2-dresses look waaaaaay better once they've been fitted snugly to your figure 3-I will NEVER wear the same size wedding dress as what I wear clothing.

I found one dress I keep thinking about. I think it might be the one but I found a few others I like a lot and still need to figure out about. Ugh!!! I want to post pics and have everyone help me out, but I can't because Fi might be reading or even (hopefully) posting a blog at any give moment!!! and I headed to the mall to do some Christmas shopping when we were finally done trying on dresses. I needed a new pair of running shoes and I got these fab Saucony ones that I think will be absolutely durable, supportive and cushioned...and yet a reasonable price! Who knew!?!

The only issue with my night was getting into an argument with my MOH...who is also my sister. I don't want to get into details. I do want to say, I'm sorry we argued. I hate arguing. I hold no ill feelings since I don't hold a grudge for more than twenty minutes (less, really) and I love love LOVE my sister no matter how different from me she is.

Again: what I'm thankful for:

Tonight, I'm actually pretty thankful for being true to myself. I'm thankful I'm honest and able to accept people's honesty. I'm so thankful my priorities are 1-family 2-friends 3-school...etc...and that I have friends and family and students that make my life feel so fulfilling. I am SO soooooo thankful that my life is as full and wonderful as it is. I'm even more thankful that my parents brought me up the way they did...all of us, that is.

So, thanks, Mom and Pop for being so fantastic. And thanks family for being so supportive and loving and thanks D for being the love of my life :) As every night, I'm thankful for Fi...and tonight...I'm thankful for all my priorities, too! 


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  1. Sauconys ARE fabulous! Can't wait to run many races in them!!