Friday, November 28, 2008

dress shopping -- groom's take

Dustin here.

Tonight my whole family and I went to see Bolt -- a good flick, we agreed -- but during the show I got a call from Neesh. She's having a bad day. Wedding dress shopping has her stressed out. She says the fun is fading.

I talked to her a little bit in the lobby, and later, too, after the movie was over and we were home. Even if I knew the first thing about fabric, texture, design, lighting ... any of those things, I wouldn't be much help because, as the groom, I'm not allowed to see the dress, much less her in the dress, before the big day (June 13, everybody!).

But I want Neesha to remember, always, that she would look beautiful in a burlap sack, and while the dress is important and a thing we'll always remember, when those chapel doors open to reveal her standing in the aisle, the whole place is going to light up whether the dress is shiny or not.

Neesh, you're gorgeous, radiant, dazzling and splendid. You melt my heart in my chest. Sometimes I look at you and I almost start to cry because you're so beautiful. So sleep on it, and tomorrow think about it some more and pick a dress you like. Just keep in mind that it's only the lampshade, not the light.


  1. Thanks, D. I love you sooooo much! :) You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you!