Monday, November 3, 2008

Our GO VOTE Blog!

Last night we had a tasty dinner of Moroccan Couscous. What made this so tasty, aside from just the yummy veggies and tofu and fab spices, was half a cup of vinegar (it should've been red wine vinegar, but I'm allergic to wine). I adore veggies. Have I mentioned that? My mom is sick of me eating broccoli. Whenever I go home, she knows she'll be making lots of dishes that include broccoli and she gets super sick of it. But, there are a few weeks before she has to deal with it, so here is a beautiful photograph of our tasty couscous with broccoli (is broccoli Moroccan?).
Yummy! However, today we stopped at Panera for lunch so there was cheddar broccoli soup, of course! And half an asiago roast beef sandwich without mayo. When we got home, I took a nap and ate the other half (I honestly can't resist it...that sandwich is amazing! I don't even usually like roast beef!) in that order. No gym today or running, but as you see from Fi's blog, we had a busy day yesterday. We ran around a ton and ended up at David's Bridal for a little while (where I shockingly slipped myself into a size 2 must run super big or something cus I can't wear my size 2 pants at this juncture. I'm stuck at a 4!), hung out in Shelter Gardens and enjoyed some tree-climbing, hiding/seeking, a dinky pita from Quizno's (also with nothing on it but tasty veggies and grilled chicken) and a trip to the grocery store for some essentials (we've been out of milk for days!).

Right now I'm watching SNL's Presidential Bash. I feel as if I'd be doing myself an injustice by not doing so the night before the election. Liz and I are thinking about volunteering down at the Democratic headquarters at some point tomorrow before heading back to her place to watch the polls. Low key election night with some friends (Fi, of course!) and lots of excitement. In preparation for election day, Fi and I decorated the lawn. We got an Obama/Biden yardie a few weeks back and stuck it in our lawn. It was sort of to silently combat our neighbors who put a McCain/Palin sign in their yard, but mostly it was because we really wanted one. Just to be on the safe side, we bought an extra one so we could quickly replace ours should it be stolen. Today, Fi went out there and proudly stuck the second Obama/Biden sign in our backyard.
He was so excited! Awww!
Read Between the SIGNS :)

I think he looks like a rapper in this photo, but can you blame him? We were super excited about our dual Obama signs and by the fact that no one stole our original sign :) So excited, in fact, that Fi had yet another brilliant idea. It went something like this...

Take One...

Take Two...and three...and four...and five.......

Take Ten! Finally! We have a high-five!

Set Your Alarms, Get Up and GO VOTE tomorrow!!!

If you do, we'll find something equally entertaining to do with our time and capture it in photogs for our favorite blog readers!



  1. Yay!!! You should take celebratory-leaping in front of your house pictures!!!