Friday, December 5, 2008

Pre-Jingle Bell Run

We apologize in advance for the abruptness of this blog, but we have to awaken early in the morning for our 5k Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis and tonight, after our carb-heavy dinner, we decided to rent Lilo and Stitch in order to research one of our possible honeymoon destinations: Hawaii! :) Needless to say, now it's late and we're tired.

So, next up-the continuation of our countdown!

I've chose a little known song, at least little known to me, that I think is adorable: "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." I forget the lady's name who sings it, but I never heard it until this year and it caught my attention for that reason. The second reason I ended up liking it so much relies heavily on the fact that the woman's voice is sooo reminiscent of the old-school radio show singers. When I think of those giant radios people listened to programs through each night before television was invented, this woman has the precise voice I hear being projected from it. It also reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie is waiting to hear the secret message from Little Orphan Annie. Granted, it's a man doing the speaking on that radio show, but I imagine a woman singing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" probably came on soon after, while Ralphie locked himself in the bathroom to decode the "Ovaltine" message (I know this movie too well, I'm just realizing).
My favorite part of the song is when she says she likes "hippopotamuseses" notice the over-pluralization. She says she does not, in fact, want a rhinoceros because only a hippopotamus would do. She would keep it in the garage and feed it and bathe it in there and she's quite certain hippopotamuseses like her, too. She talks about giving her hippo a massage and the contradiction of her mother saying the hippo would eat her, but her teacher saying hippos are vegetarians. WHAT? The conundrums of children's point of views! The song is adorable. Listen to it for a throwback to pre-television/pre-grandma getting run over by a reindeer and mommy kissing Santa Claus times (see how downhill Christmas songs went after hippos were no longer the fad? Suddenly it's all kissing Santa and running over Grandma!) It's worth a stroll down the long gone innocent part of memory lane.

D says: "I like Oh Tanenbaum," aka-Oh Christmas Tree. In fact, he likes the song so much he'll take the German version or the English version. I quote, "I think the Christmas tree does a lot of the heavy lifting come Christmas, but seldom is it praised."

That's it. Good reasoning. You should see our tree-it's awesome and even has presents beneath it already! But more on that tomorrow when we have a week-in-review (when there's time!).

What about you guys, favorite or most hated Christmas songs?

Otherwise, sweet dreams, all. If you want to meet us for pancakes after the race tomorrow morning think: IHOP at 9:15am.

Liz: Feel better. We'll miss you tomorrow, but you'll be there in spirit!

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