Friday, December 12, 2008


I know we've been MIA and are completely behind on our list and updates and overall blogginess...but I assure you, we have not forgotten! We have only been intensely busy as it is the last week of school (now it's over) and the week before final exams (which means conferences and a lot of student freak-outs). Excuses, excuses, right?

I solemnly swear we will write a blog with plenty of fun-filled stories, photos and updates soon!

Our apologies to our loyal and wonderful readers.

The one thing we have learned from our brief absence: more people read our blog than we were aware of! Thanks for checking in on us, readers, to make sure all is well. It is; we're just stressed and will be blogging consistently again soon. We miss you, too!

N and D

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  1. We actually bought the domain name through blogger. It was only $10 for a year. From your dashboard, it's one of the settings. Maybe under publishing(?) I'm using my phone now so I can't pull it up.

    And it's difficult to make time to say something witty and cohesive everyday. I think if you write just so people have something to read, it becomes a job.

    And and - you can use google analytics to track how many people visit your site, where they live, and what search phrases brought them to you.