Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

Most people know that I am the absolute worst at keeping a secret or not ruining a surprise and, thankfully, this Valentine's Day I kept my surprises under wraps until Dustin came home Friday night with an awesome ice cream cake and some cute V-day clothes gifts. He's such a sweetie and it was the perfect opportunity to give him my gift! Or, at least, part of it. Here's a hint: 

Yes. A bald eagle. Dustin loves birds and I thought it would be awesome if I could give him one, sort of, that's endangered. So I adopted a bald eagle at the STL zoo for him. D's a "Zoo Parent" now so he and I will get invited to the Parents' Picnic and he got a bunch of cute stuff, including a picture I framed and wrapped for him. D calls him "Dustin Jr." and says he thinks about the eagle all the time. I chose this particular bird because D's grandpa, who practically raised him, used to take him to see bald eagles when he was little. I thought he'd maybe like it, but his reaction exceeded my expectations. I'm so happy!

Saturday morning we woke up early and had a Valentine's Day couples massage at 9am for an hour. It was awesome! We relaxed and watched House in the afternoon, then went to dinner at Hemingway's which is on the south end of town. It has a super awesome atmosphere, but isn't run all that well. We ended up waiting for about forty minutes for dinner, which was fine, except we never saw our waiter after he took our order. However, Dustin gave me a super awesome camera for Valentine's Day and we experimented with it until dinner came. Here's an example of how we spent our time waiting:

Cool atmosphere, right?

Then came dinner!
D had the salmon, which is ordinarily what I'd get...
But I went for a porkchop, instead. The sweet potato mash was a huge selling point for me :)

After waiting another fifteen minutes for our waiter to finally come back...we got our check and had one of the two hostesses take this picture while we waited for the other hostess to get our coats. Problem with that was, they lost our coats. Literally, they brought two different sets of coats to us before I finally offered to just go back and check their coat closet myself.

When we got out of there, we decided to take our own little pub crawl and headed downtown to a few of our most favorite places! Here's a recap of our night... Us finishing dinner and deciding on where to go afterwards.
Dustin in The Wine Cellar on their plush, cozy red couch. Stop number one!

Heading to the next place...

Forge and Vine for mojitos...when a group of guys dressed like the band Panic at the Disco came, we jetted. Weird scene.

Addison's-our second to last stop of the night on our way to Flatbranch...
Flatbranch, then home...thanks to Stripes. Yeah, it was that kind of night!

Hope you all had a glorious Valentine's day!



  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  2. Awww I so love these pictures! Very profesh too! Looks like an AMAZING v-day - love that you did massages and got all dressed up for a great dinner out (food looks fab and so do you two!) The bald eagle gift was too sweet and thoughtful too! Loved this post!! :)

    P.S. Boo on your waiter and the coat-check ding bings! :(

  3. What a perfect V-Day...side notes ::LOVE:: Flatbranch, it is the one place we always stop while in Columbia and did you know you can watch the bald eagles up the River Roads, even take a ferry?! The season is almost for info below:o)