Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Clean Dogs and a Happy Fi

Everyone is home, now, and by "everyone," I mean Dustin has arrived and well-groomed dogs have come home. I wonder if today resembled the life of a domestic who stays home while the fam is away for the day: the husband at work, the kids (dogs, in my case) at school. Now all hell has broken loose. Dustin incited them by howling like a coyote (though we've taken to pronouncing it "kai-oat") because he thinks Byz is part coyote and that Bogey is a "polar squirrel." What is a polar squirrel, you ask? Well, we have the answer to that...just skip to the next post entitled "What is a polar squirrel, you ask?" for more information from our polar squirrel expert. It's like a footnote, only in its own post :) Anyhow, here is a picture of my beautiful, clean, wonderfully smelling fur-babies. Both D and I were impressed and happy with what a wonderful job they did with the babies! AND they sent home a report card telling me how great the dogs were, how well-kept they were before I dropped them off. Overall, everyone was great, but she suggested that, perhaps, Bogey might need to be muzzled for grooming in the future. He's great for me and my mom, so I never expected he'd be nippy, but otherwise, it went off without a hitch! Yay for our awesome dogs. The house was super quiet and lonely without them all day. I'm so glad they're back. Here is a pic of them in all their clean glory!

Last night I made egg salad with tofu. I know, sounds weird, right? I'm kind of just experimenting to see exactly how necessary things like eggs, milk...etc. really are. I really love eggs so being entirely vegan would be a huge stretch for me (mind you, we're not vegan, we're merely dipping our toes in-me more than D; he's just kind of along for the ride because he loves me and eats whatever I make. You're the best, honey!). Whenever I'm hungover, I always want scrambled eggs. I started doing the egg-white thing cus it's loads better for you--most of my family has a problem with high cholesterol and I've managed to avoid it so far, but don't want to take any chances--and two of my family members are allergic to eggs (mom and sis). Generally, I'm told it's the yolk that causes allergy problems-which is all the more reason to stick to the whites (my reactions are anaphylactic, friends, or I'd probably be more risky with things like that which seem to run in my fam).So here was my attempt at tofu "egg salad." I found it on a website and was pretty impressed by the reviews, but needed to see for myself. I liked and so did the Fi. Mine is the above photo-on a Flatout Wrap with kale, mushrooms and 'maters. I love my veggies! If you're interested in the recipe, you can find it here: Post Punk Kitchen.

And because Fi is being such a good sport, I decided to bake some delish chocolate cookies from Veganomicon, and to cut them into Heart-Shapes, since I'm already in the Valentine's Day spirit with all the mental planning and the reservations to Hemingway's being made (we tried for Les Bourgeois Winery like last year, but they only took six reservations this year for large tables! What??? So this place seemed like a fab second try since we've never been for dinner but it had a super cool atmosphere when we went for drinks).

Below is a pic of the awesome, tasty, filling and, probably, super fatty cookies I made for D. He enjoyed them and I'm going to make some vegetarian Indian food for him tonight that I know he loves. He deserves it.
Hope you all had a super fantastic, warmer day than we did. It's been cold and I've been lazy about running in it...back to the grind tomorrow. Perhaps more later.



  1. That is SO FUNNY that you crave scrambled eggs when you're hungover! hehe I wish i did - i crave truckloads of pizza! Polar squirrel?! Hilarious - glad the puppers were so good and that you liked your egg sandwich. I've actually never had egg salad! Your cookies are adorabe - love it!

  2. Sometimes I like egg salad and sometimes I hate it. Though, I should say, I don't like it when pickled relish is thrown into my tuna or my egg salad. It's just rank. Something about it makes me feel sick in the taste I'd be a liar if I said you were totally missing out! Depending on the egg salad maker-you might not be :)