Thursday, February 5, 2009


In the old days Megan, Dustin and I had office hours at the same time. This meant, lots and lots of youtube. Lately, we don't see each other in the office, only outside of it when we have dates with one another. This is totally beat and doesn't happen a few times a week, like office hours used to. I hate it!
However, we still try to do the youtube thing. SNL's skits were faves, as well. Just because I am in the mood to keep this skit going (we-Dustin and I-get into kicks where we'll get stuck quoting one skit for a few days and we're on one full day of this, so it's still fairly new) I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy, you hot trannie messes! Perhaps I will write a future blog in this voice, as well (alla-gossip girl news on A Parker lately to share, sorry lovelies! More GG to come soon, though. Promise!)...hope you laugh!

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  1. haha I used to love office hours in grad school - lots of Facebook for me, not so much youtube! Great video though - happy Friday!