Monday, October 27, 2008

Dustin and Neesha Save the World

Hi everyone!
Dustin and I decided we were having so much fun with our wedding blog at that we would open a real blog and keep this updated, too. This way when our wedding passes, we will still be able to keep writing and updating and chronicling our adventures.
We like a lot of the same things and are also involved in a lot of the same things. We are both in a graduate program pursuing our Ph.D.s in creative nonfiction writing. We teach English, writing and literature courses for the school we attend. We both love the arts, gardening, food, animals, movies, fireplaces...We are planning our wedding which is going to be June 13, 2009 in Hilton Head, SC so we are juggling a tremendous amount of things at once.
At the moment, we aren't in the best possible shape but are planning to get better at it. However, every few weeks we start anew and, before we know it, our days are so busy and we are so tired we don't accomplish nearly as much as we'd hoped. After all, we are trying to save the world! By saying this, I mean that we pick up bicycles when they're toppled over at the racks they've been locked to because we'd want someone to stand our bicycles back up if they were walking by and we weren't around. We recycle adamantly, have swapped out using paper towels for regular towels as much as possible (as we were told how bad they are for the environment), reuse any items we can (we put the toilet paper rolls in with the birds for them to climb through and play with) and try not to waste anything. We frequent the Farmer's Market every Saturday, grow as many if our own herbs as possible and do our best, overall, to just be careful with the world and healthy in our lives.
So, here we are, struggling to keep everything balanced. I've seen some fabulous recipes on many of these blogs that keep me completely enamored and have inspired me to do the same. Hopefully we'll make some new friends and keep up with our old ones in our constant journey to save the world!

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