Monday, October 27, 2008


It's been an insanely busy few months for both of us! So I apologize on our behalf for not being consistent about updating our page and, maybe more importantly, our blog. However, I have decided it'd be super wonderful to keep our blog more up-to-date and everyone else who might be interested in checking it, more interested in what might appear on it.

With that in mind, some updates: Dustin, on a whim, auditioned for a play called Communicating Doors which is being put on by the local community theatre. He is the comic relief in a play with a dominatrix protagonist and British accents abound. I've seen one or two rehearsals and me the fabulously fun cast, but have, otherwise, been overly busy with teaching, reading, studying, getting ready to take my comps and drafting up questions I'd be interested in answering as part of my comps. Because my life essentially only runs that course, let me tell you more about Dustin's so we can live vicariously through his experiences together!

(Dustin with Ben, castmate from Communicating Doors)

Dustin also write a weekly blog for the Missouri Review ( which I strongly suggest you read. He brings personality to the table as well as intelligence. He has recently volunteered for MU's Stripes program which is a driving service offered to students on the weekends. Students call for rides home when they're out and Stripes accommodates free of charge to anywhere in Columbia. Nice, right? I, too, have applied but have yet to hear back. However, the cause is great and his first night was an experience, from what I've heard, he won't soon forget. He began at 9:30pm and told me he got home at 4am. Poor boy! But the stories were one for a blog (we'll see if I can get him to write one for you all).

Dustin and I recently did a reading together at school as an "opening act" for a visiting poet. That was fun, as we love to do readings together. And we have had some nice visits from my future in-laws. My family congregated in Charlotte, NC this weekend where my brother Kiran successfully opened a restaurant to a huge crowd on Friday...despite a few minor setbacks earlier in the week.

(Dustin's Fam Visits)

So, overall, we are blessed. The family is safe and healthy and happy and we are, too.

We had Homecoming this weekend and a Tiger tail fell from the sky (literally) during the parade right at my feet! Anyone who knows me understands this was more than wonderful news! It became a part of my outfit for the rest of the day. We had a non-drinking tailgate with our good friends Lance and Emily. The thing about Homecoming at Mizzou is that this is the school that began the very concept of Homecoming nearly a hundred years ago. The students go all out and so does the town. They decorate windows and streets and buildings. Students in Greek Life make floats and these huge displays in front of their homes that move and come to life where they put on little acts for hours. It's similar to a little festival. Very cool and a lot of hard work on their part. Dustin and I strolled down Greek Row to check out their decks and cheered on my students when they road by on their floats in the parade. It was very cool to be a part of something so full-scaled and spirited as none of my schools had anything comparable to this!

(Homecoming Parade-note my tail and Starbucks. YUM! It was 8am!)

In wedding mother and sisters went to look at some dresses for the bridesmaids this weekend and took our youngest wedding party member with them, Genevieve. From what I heard, she refused to try anything on, but had a wonderful time running around in and out of the dresses. Mom took camera-pics so I got to see some of what the girls tried on. Dustin and I have decided we would like the girls in floor length gowns, preferably in pale blue dresses with dark brown sashes at the waist. We simply love those two colors together and think they are both elegant and classic.

(My sisters dress-trying without me! Aww. Miss you! On a side note: I LOVE the expressions they have on in this photo. They look so distracted and bored.)

I've been sifting through magazines in my spare time and we are still trying to figure out what color flowers the girls should carry with our blue and brown colors. Suggestions? We like orange and yellow, though D seems somewhat opposed to pink and I'd like to carry red, I any other ideas would be great! Whatever color it is, we hope it will be attractive enough to use as part of our overall think on that and let us know if you have some color options we haven't considered yet! Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Keep checking back, guys! I need advice on other stuff, too!

Love you!

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