Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back to the Rec

Last night Fi and I decided to try to physically get back into "it." You know, shape, that is. I took a too-long nap and when I awoke, he'd updated himself on what's been going on in Heroes (thanks to their wonderful website) and we were ready to go.
It wasn't much, but I ran two miles and Fi ran about one and a half. Since he has asthma, I think it's harder for him to get back into it than me. I don't need my lungs to get used to running again while his need to adapt so he wasn't able to do the two miles with me. However, we took the last half mile nice and easy together. I ran a mile in under 9 minutes which isn't bad since it's been weeks and weeks since I ran at all. I'm happy with this start, though Fi expressed a little worry that we wouldn't be able to get into the shape we were in last year at this time (we were running a lot more, though we had the distance relationship, we motivated via phone), but I assured him we'll be just fine. We're only just getting started!

When we left, we were greeted by these amazing scarlet leaved trees lining the walkway we came down. Because the sun was so incredible at that point in time, it was far more breathtaking than when we first arrived.

Our first day back on "the track," literally. It was too cold to run outside.

Fi on the red-tree-lined walkway.

Unfortunately, he had to dash off to play practice so we didn't get to have dinner together which is something we do just about every night. Instead, I sent him a low-fat roast beef sandwich with a little horseradish, fat free pepper jack cheese, red onion, tomato and lettuce cut into four squares (it feels like more food when it's in fours, I think!), a bag of roasted pumpkin seeds and a sliced apple in our Amazing Spiderman Lunchbox. I think he got made fun of by the rest of his castmates, but we love them so it's ok. Plus, they were most likely just super jealous of our old-school, vintage, tin Spiderman lunchbox. Wouldn't you be?

While he was gone, I did some work and made some whole wheat pancake muffins (tasty, but a bit dry) for breakfast today and had my own dinner: mixed greens, dry tuna, veggies with EXVOO and lemon. Yum! Then I, of course, got hungry again and had some edamame beans with salt. I had these last time I had sushi with Sarah Heston and Pete Monicell. Since they were so good, I decided I could probably make them at home. I bought frozen edamame, thawed them out and cut the ends off, boiled them with a Tbl. of salt, drained them, then sprinkled a bit more salt and ate em up. I nearly ate the whole bag. While I know they're high in fat for beans, they're ultra high in protein and super tasty so I think it was ok.

Anyhow, I just finished up my yogurt and granola breakfast and half a pancake muffin so I think I better head off to the rec for more running and take Fi's lunch to school for him (he's teaching all day). His lunch is way cooler than mine: baked tofu sandwich, a banana and some pumpkin seeds while mine (already in the Spiderman lunchbox) is half a tuna pita with mustard, some veggies and a side of yummy edamame and a few strawberries.

Incase you didn't know, I hate fruit and it's a real effort to get it into my diet. Berries are fine. I love them, but I tried to eat an apple the other day and thought I'd throw it up. It was just way too sweet. I even had a slice of cheese with it hoping to dull out the sweetness, but I had to pawn the rest of it off on Fi and go for a plum instead. I think I only like fruits with some tang to them. Any suggestions for ways to get fruit into me without me gagging? It's the part of my diet most lacking and I could seriously use some help.

Today: hopefully three miles. Slow and steady, right?

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