Friday, April 3, 2009


Oh no! There has been a massive assault and massacre on my tulips. Just the other day, I was thinking "Wow! My tulips are really coming up out there!" I was so proud. A few weeks ago, I'd gone out and dug holes for all my tulips to reside in just beneath the tree we have in the front yard. Since then, I'd been battling with the deer over the tulip bulbs and lush green leaves coming up from them. Just yesterday, I was pleased to see that they'd survived the assaults the deer had been launching on them and were actually thriving. Today. They are gone. All of them and every remnant of them. There is no evidence, save for the twelve empty holes, of where the tulips had once been.

A moment of silence please.

Now...suggestions on how to keep those deer bastards off my tulips when I go out, buy more and replant?



  1. NOOOOOO! That's horrible!! My utmost sympathies! The only thing I know to do is replant the bulbs, but place a layer of chicken wire over it, then mulch. Makes it harder for the bulbs to be vamoosed.

  2. We don't have deer in our yard. You can come here and plant them. I'll send you daily emails of the lovely pictures! :) (I am HORRIBLE with anything related to gardening, so I don't get to enjoy it.)