Friday, April 10, 2009

Lance's Dilemma

It happens to the best of us, that time in our lives where we simply must make a decision, and for us, we've put it off long enough. We were told we needed this decision 60 days before the actual wedding and we are mere days from that mark. The thing about it is, EVERYONE has a strong opinion about this one: whether they love it or hate it. There is no in-between.

Do we or do we not play the Electric Slide at our wedding?

For my sister, this is a no-brainer. She is the queen of the Electric Slide. She absolutely LOVES it and will, literally, come running from wherever she is, no matter what she's doing, to jump on the line (usually at the very front of it) and dance the Electric Slide. (I can already picture my beautiful, petite sister looking completely sophisticated in her gown bursting out of the dramatically lit ballroom that will be our reception, still chewing whatever she has managed to stuff into her mouth, drink in hand, to lead off the dance--I would take bets on this one.)

The last time we saw our groomsman Lance and his super awesome girlfriend Emily, the discussion of the Electric Slide came up to which Lance stunned and silenced us all by saying, "I don't know how to do that dance." Shock and fallen mouths filled the room. Crickets sounded. "What?" Dustin asked. "What? You guys act like everyone knows it." Lance replied.
"Everyone does know it." Someone said. Everyone, that is, but Lance.

This is shocking to us because Lance is really good at everything and by everything, I mean...well, everything. The boy is a natural athlete and there isn't one sport or physical activity you can throw at him that he won't excel at within moments...and by excel, I mean he'll be better than you even if you ARE an expert. Example given: Lance had never ice skated before we went to Kansas City in February for a day outing. When we got on the ice, Dustin had the most experience having grown up near a pond that froze over every winter while Emily and I had our fair share of experiences that didn't, by any means, add up to experts. In other words, we could all hold our own on the ice with D being able to skate backwards a little--the crowning achievement of the group. By the time we finished on the ice, Lance, who was carefully sliding his feet forward inch by inch at the beginning, was literally, I do not kid you dear readers, literally doing one footed circles by the end. It was outrageous.

So when Lance said he didn't know how to do the Electric Slide and we decided to teach him, we, of course, assumed he'd pick it up just as quickly as he did the ice skating thing. After finding a youtube instruction video and showing him how it was physically done, I hit the record button on the camera and captured this: 

I couldn't believe it. The boy who stops suddenly to watch is Lance and he really doesn't know how to do the Electric Slide and hasn't yet picked it up. 

Despite Lance's inability (we're going to continue with our dancing lessons on this one), we are going to have the band play the Electric Slide. Fi and I love to dance, though we're not having the Chicken Dance or the Macarena...and even if people there don't like to dance, we figure this is easy enough to pick up before the song ends, right? Even Lance will have it down by then!

Did you guys have any songs you debated being played at your wedding? 



  1. That is too funny! poor guy. He will pick it up, won't he?

  2. I have a friend who got married and refused to play "Cotton Eyed Joe." Yes, her friends and family had liked the song in its day, but she was adamantly against any "hoe-down" resemblances during her reception.

    I'd suggest Lance focus on counting. Isn't it "1, 2, 3, dip?" He's got plenty of time to nail it.

  3. Oh my word, something Lance ISN'T good at?! I may fall over! :)

  4. I kind of hate to burst the collective bubble on this one, but Lance greeted me the following day with the declaration that he can now do the Electric Slide, and he was right. Then last night, he figured out a flashy pairs version of it (there may be a debut at your wedding reception...). Good news in terms of increasing participation at the reception, but bad news in that my quest to find something he isn't good at must continue. I do love that video though, and I think we need to continue learning our OTHER choreography from that night...


  5. That is the essential debate, you aren't the only couple with that conundrum, that's for sure. I say go for it just make sure it isn't then followed by the hokey pokey, YMCA, cha-cha slide or Shout, your guests will pass out from exhaustion.

  6. haha hilarious!!! I know i'm WAY late - but wanted to say hey! I hope you're doing fab!! We had a do-not-play list...electric slide was on it along with YMCA, We are Family, the chicken dance and a few others. I just have some 'pet peeve' songs and didn't want to risk hearing them! haha