Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Young Dustin Picasso

Well, well. My Fi has done it again! He's landed a role in another community theatre production. Some of you may remember that I mentioned he'd tried out for and got a part in "Communicating Doors" which ran at the CEC (Columbia Entertainment Company) for two weeks (weekends, plus Thursdays). It was very cool and fun and we made some super fantastic friends from the experience. Now D has landed the title role in Steve Martin's play "Picasso at Lapin Algire" (Spelling may be off-we don't have the script in his possession just yet) and to top it off, some of our friends are in it with him! Namely, Ben (who is currently writing a novel and is one of the friends we made when D was in his last CEC production) and Eli (who is dating our good friend Beth). It's a very exciting endeavor and yet another example of the array of talents my Fi possesses. Let me give you a sampling of how similar D and Picasso look:

See what I'm talking about? Weird, right?

At any rate, D has to kiss a girl or two in this one...which, at first, didn't sit well with me, but I couldn't say that to him. I needed and wanted to be supportive of his creativity and if I were D and had all the talents he had, I'd want to express them in every arena possible. Not to show off or to feel good about myself, but to keep myself stimulated. It's frustrating to have a lot to offer the world, but lack the resources or outlets with which to display it. However, D does not think this way. He is Mr. Modesty himself (seriously. People at karaoke request songs from him. As in-strangers put in a song and say "Hey-I just put this song on the list cus I really want you to sing it, man. You're really awesome." To which D tries to back out or find a way (sincerely, too, not just faking it), but, inevitably, caves. Most likely it's because the person who has requested the song is bigger, scarier, drunker and may, very well, be packing heat.) At any rate, it doesn't pain me to say that D is BURSTING with talent and those of us who know him know what I'm talking about. 

In this play Picasso is a playah (holla at me, bitches!) and he hooks up with chicks left and right by saying (imagine a sexy, Spanish voice): "I want to draaaw you." (I've added the extra "a's" for emphasis). And the ladies love him, love him. Fo-shiz. No sooner is the audience introduced to this player than he's making out with a waitress in a bar who has a boyfriend who, consequently, owns the bar (or at least bartends there). This is a true testament to my fiance's talent. D is no longer a player...hasn't been in years (don't hate-we all go through our phases) and it's just incredible to watch him move from charming, talented, artistic, sensitive, modest, loyal fiance to sex-fiend, womanizing, artistic, egotistical male-whore. Amazing!

At any rate, I've spent part of the evening talking him into taking the role because this looks like a super fun play and it will exercise his other outlets of creativity and, yeah, he'll have to kiss some ladies, but I think if Angelina Jolie can handle Brad Pitt making out with a few dozen women, I can handle D kissing some women a few dozen times. No big...if it were, I wouldn't be marrying him.

Heads up, folks! This play only runs one weekend in March-the weekend with the 14th in it-so be prepared to buy your tickets and cheer on Dustin as he brings the young Pablo Picasso to life before our very eyes!



  1. And I am so disappointed that I'm going to be gone for most of that weekend (running the Little Rock half marathon on the 15th), but I'll be there Opening Night! Dustin--so proud of you!!! :)

    (Neesha doesn't exaggerate; Dustin's talent level really is that high.)

  2. Wow - that is freaky accurate! hehe I honestly do not know what I would think about that. Austin is an insurance underwriter for professional lines/techie so the thought of him kissing other chicas for community theatre is so far out of the realm of my reality I can't relate! I'm sure (I hope) I'd be as supportive as you are - sounds like you've got a talented FI!!

  3. Kelly...I didn't see the making-out-with-other-girls-for-community-theatre thing coming. All in stride, I you should watch out! Austin might come home with the crazy idea of wanting to try out for a play you've never heard of on a whim...only to get the lead role. Hahaha. Kinda does make me wish he worked with computers and not creativity for a living :)

  4. Well they both have two eyes, and a nose and appear to be human - so in that respect they do look alike.