Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hello, world!

This blog is headed for the witness protection program for a short period (we hope!) of time. If you wish to continue reading it in its privatized mode (even if you've never commented before and are a "secret" reader), leave a comment or "anonymous" comment in our comment space with your email address and we will gladly add you to the VIP list. We're closing 'er down in about 48 hours (aka-heading to the privacy setting) so don't dilly dally!

Thanks for reading and, if you don't leave your email address, don't forget about us! We'll be back!


N and D

PS-S and MB, we've already got your emails and your invites are "pending." As soon as we go "off" again, you should receive an email if you haven't already! Thanks for your loyalty!


  1. I don't comment much but tisdbyahoo with the appropriate at and com and dot thingies.
    Sure would be nice if D would post some too . . . . That would make me feel like a VIP.
    - Daniel

  2. Add both my e-mails: blewis47 at juno dot com, and balewis47 at gmail dot com. I'm not sure which one I'm following the blog under, as I have added you to my google reader. --Beth

  3. Hi!

    I'm reading. I'm thinking. I'm not commenting yet, as mulling over is needed. You think such wonderful thoughts, such faceted thoughts! Thank you for letting me read, love.